Minecraft easy survival island seed for 1.15.2

Here's another good Minecraft 1.15.2 survival island seed to play on. This place is pretty easy to survive on. It's really just a Minecraft island seed since surviving here isn't very hard. This place is surrounded by deep ocean and there are other islands somewhat nearby. There are a ton of islands to go island hoping on if you choose to do so.

The seed is: 4779005320372852609

There are a ton of trees on this Minecraft seed. This island is not hard to survive on if you know how to cultivate apples. The dirt from this island could be flattened out to make a lot more useable land for farming trees. Other than all of that it's just a simple island seed. There are no exposed caves, but who knows what you'll find if you dig deep enough. There's a shipwreck somewhat nearby at the bottom of the ocean, the coordinates of that are X-160 by Z-250. It's a pretty good Minecraft seed.