Minecraft plains village seed 1.15.1 crossroads of biomes

Here players spawn right in a big village. This is a 1.15.1 Minecraft village seed. The starting area is at the crossroads of many different biomes. There's a swamp nearby, mountains, forests, rivers, and more. There's even a pillager outpost to the south. This is a fun 1.15.1 Minecraft seed.

The seed is: -5939725816398661428

There's a lot of exploration to do here, if you get bored of one biome type the others are right nearby. That's what makes this Minecraft seed good, no need to get a new seed to try out a new biomes, within reason. The Minecraft village seed part of this is also really good, the village is large and has a blacksmith. Roofed forest biomes are really cool but can be pretty spooky and dangerous, expore with caution. Overall it's a pretty good seed for Minecraft.