Minecraft 1.15.1 pirate island seed with many trees and a bay

Here is a luxury Minecraft survival island seed 1.15.1 with a ton of trees to farm apples from, and there's a perfecy bay to build a port on. This is a great start for any ocean adventurer. This Minecraft 1.15.1 seed is excellent for starting a pirate adventure on the high seas.

The seed is: 7269429970220005281

The starting location is right on the island. Watch out for the giant pit of lava on this island, it's easy to fall into and die. There are two inlets of shallow water that are cool to work with. This place is so perfect for a pirate adventure. This crescent shape of the island is absolutely perfect for constructing an enormous pirate port. This is an excellent palace for a king or queen of pirates. There's also a hidden cove on the sandy side of this 1.15.1 seed for Minecraft.