Minecraft river village seed by desert temple 1.15.1

This Minecraft 1.15.1 village seed spawns players right near a plains village on the edge of a desert and savana. Literally in view of the village is a desert temple to loot. Off in the distance are some giant mushrooms in a dark forest biome as well. There's a pretty extensive series of rivers on this seed, and there are also forests nearby.

The seed is: -4434299957495976986

The coordinates for the village are X45 by Z40. The coordinates for the desert temple are x170 by Z155.

Minecraft seeds like this one are perfect for a small village renovation. This village starts with an iron golem as well. This village seed for Minecraft 1.15.1 is a good start for anyone looking for a simple village start. The only significant loot in the desert temple is a saddle and good horse armor. If there are horses nearby this could end up being a horse taming Minecraft seed.