Minecraft taiga village seed 1.15.1 beach front property with a dock and caves

Welcome to another amazing 1.15.1 village seed for Minecraft! This time players start near a taiga village that's on a beach. There are boardwalks over the water, lots of farms, caves everywhere and even some sheep! This Minecraft seed is pretty cold, there are mountains nearby as well.

The seed is: -5752227273385952534

The coordinates of the village are (X200 by Z80). This Minecraft 1.15.1 seed is pretty cool, the village is massive and stretches out across a hill. It could be a lot of fun fixing up this village and creating some sort of balance. This village has a nice access to the ocean. There's a lot of potential for this village as far as how to improve upon it. The village is a great canvas for a lot of creativity. Overall this is one of the cool Minecraft seeds.