Overwatch Mercy School 101 - The Basics

This is Overwatch Mercy school section 101, the basics.  In this lecture join Kibbles, a high GM Mercy one main, as he explains the basics of how Mercy works as a hero and what each of her abilities do in detail. You may be surprised to find out something you didn't know when reviewing the basics.

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Below is the full dialogue from the lecture in case you prefer reading:


Welcome to Mercy school!
This is section 101: the basics!

Today we're going to learn about the core principals of Mercy.
Let's begin.
First up is Mercy's heal beam, this ability connects Mercy to another player and heals them  for 50 HP per second. These numbers are subject to change in future versions of Overwatch.

Second is Mercy's alternate fire which gives the target player a 30% increase to all damage they deal. The boost is applied when the damage is sent, so for ranged attacks you'll need to think ahead and switch to boost before your target attacks.

Next we have guardian angel. This ability allows Mercy to fly towards her target, this is Mercy's greatest strenth: mobility! Flying around like a guardian angel is what makes Mercy, well, Mercy! 
To use this ability you must be targeted on one of your teammates. Pressing spacebar near the end of the flight gives an extended jump which can move Mercy beyond her target.
There's a lot more to learn about guardian angel, we'll touch back on this ability in later classes.

The next ability on the list is ressurect! This ability is the defininy skill of the character. If there's one thing every player will remember about Mercy, it's theeat she can ressurect a downed teammate.
When a teammate is incapacitated they leave a marker on the ground. To ressurect them simply move within range of the marker and use the ressurect ability! Ressurection takes one and a half second during which it can be broken with boops, stuns, and other forms of hard CC. After this ability is used it takes 30 full seconds to get it back, so rez wisely.

The last core ability in Mercy's kit is her ultimate, valkyrie! This ability gives Mercy 15 seconds to fly around at increased speeds without the need of a teammate to get into the air. During this time Mercy is effectively in angel form.  Guardian angel can be used from further away and the beams extend to more teammates allowing for powerful heals and damage boosts. These beams extend out to anyone who is within range of the original target.
It's also important to note that Mercy can move more quickly while rezzing in valkyrie, which allows for riskier ressurection attempts. The last detail of ressurection is that Mercy's pistol temporarily recieves unlimited ammo with no reloads. If there were ever a time to attack with mercy, it's in Valkyrie.

Speaking of attacking, Mercy has the ability to swap weapons from the staff to her blaster. This gun has a 20 bullet magazine, fire 5 bullets per second, does 20 damage per shot, and deals double damage on headshots. The bullets move rather slowly, so reliability goes down dramatically with range. At close range however Mercy can deal a surprising amount of damage.

Mercy also has one last ability, while falling players can hold the jump button to activate a slow fall. When activated Mercy will fall more slowly allowing her to hang out in the air for longer. This ability is called Angelic descent.

And with that, we conclude today's lesson. Now you know the basics of Mercy. If you enjoyed class today be sure to subscribe. Sharing the video and hitting the like button are also great ways to help out. We hope you enjoyed todays lesson! If you liked this class consider attending the more advanced courses in this playlist.

Until next lecture, Angela Ziegler signing out!