How to fight Deathsquitos in Valheim

We've made a Valheim guide for how to fight Deathsquitos. Out of all the enemies in Valheim, deathsquitos are the most annoying, but once you know the tricks and tips for them, they're not so bad.

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Before we begin, check out the short video guide:


For starters, deathsquitos can't hit you if you run in a straight line away from them when they charge. Second, deathsquitos will fly around you in a circle for around 10 seconds, then they come in for an attack. Once the deathsquito begins attacking, it will fly in a straight line at you and do damage if its face touches you.

If you run for a bit, the deathsquito will eventually be at ground level while chasing, at this point you can turn around and jump over their heads, especially with high jumping skill.

Once a deathsquito begins a charge, you can easily kill it with bow and arrows by charging a shot while it charges and releasing it once the deathsquito gets close.

Alternatively if you have a melee weapon you can attempt to hit the deathsquito like a baseball. The spear is the best for this because of the range, but you'll need to run for a bit to get the deathsquito to be level with the ground so you don't swing below it.

If you have good blocking skill, you can attempt to block or parry the deathsquito then pummel it with a melee weapon, but be careful because without armor the deathsquito will still do massive damage through the block.

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