Where to buy Bonsai in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

If you were wondering where to find bonsai in yakuza like a dragon, it's actually simple. There are two easy ways to get it. One is to buy it, and one is to grow it. We'll explain it in this Yakuza Like a Dragon guide for bonsai.

To grow bonsai for the romance sidestories, you need to grow pine trees. Then once you have enough pine trees head over to the survive bar and have the bar tender turn them into a bonsai for you.

The other alternative is head over to the Flowers 2 Go shop by the ocean. Over at hamakita park you can find the flowers 2 go shop and they sell all kinds of flowers, including bonsai's for 25,000 yen each. That's hands down the easiest way to get bonsai in Yakuza Like a Dragon