Saeko Mukoda - Yakuza: Like a Dragon wiki

Saeko Mukoda is one of the seven playable characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. She's a character that Ichiban meets a little bit later on in the story, but still very early. She's the fourth party member and the first female playable character.

According to her character profile:

"A former hostess at a cabaret club owned by nonomiya. She later became the establishment's mama, which underlies how much faith Nonomiya had in her. She made her acquaintance with Kasuga after her twin sister, Nanoha, was involved in a disturbing incident at Otohime Land."

Her default job is Barmaid. She's one of only two female playable characters, which gives her different job options. She can be a hostess, idol, night queen, and dealer.