Yakuza: Like a Dragon hostess clubs

If you're wondering where are the hostess clubs in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, well it turns out there are two actually. This Yakuza: Like a Dragon guide will show you the two different locations where you can meet up with ladies in the hostess clubs.

The first club is actually found in the main story. This club is called Lin Lin. This Hostess club is actually in the China Town district, it's owned by the Liumeng. This is the one that you go to as part of the main story. To find this hostess club, go to the following location:

yakuza like a dragon Lin Lin hostess club map.jpg

This club is a little confusing to find. There's a staircase in the alley that leads up to the entrance. Once you're in, it's a hostess club where you can spend money to meet women and boost bond level with all male party members.

The second hostess club in Yakuza Like a Dragon can be found south of the Lin Lin club. The other club is called the Rose Blossom Cabaret. This club is in Seiryu territory and can be found in the following location on the map:

yakuza like a dragon rose blossom cabaret map.jpg

How cabaret clubs work in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

So these clubs boost bond levels with all male party members at once. You pick up to two women to hang out with, for a price. You also can order food and drinks which make the hostesses happier.

Each hostess has compatibility with each of your party members. Some of your party members won't like a hostess while other party members will love her.

Once you're a regular at a hostess club you'll unlock more and more expensive girls. Usually the best and most expensivee hostess from the cabaret club will be fully compatible with almost all your party members, making her the best for boosting bond, assuming you have the yen.

The hostesses and the food can be extremely expensive, so many sure you have some money before visiting a club. The Yakuza: like a Dragon hostess clubs are an interesting way to increase bond level and spend some yen.