Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Released March 22nd, 2019, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is one of the best action RPG's on the market. Built upon the framework of Dark Souls, this game offers some of the most compelling and skill-based combat out of any game out there today.

Players will find themselves grappling across castle roofs, fighting samurai warriors, and fighting ghostly phantoms and monsters. The biggest difference between this game and Dark Souls is that players can jump, climb, and grapple for vertical mobility, which completely changes the pace of the combat. There's also a much larger focus on parrying attacks, as opposed to "dodge rolling" them.

Poise is a much larger focus in this game, rewarding players for continuously beating on enemies without letting up. If players rely too much on fearful tactics, it can take much longer to defeat the same enemies and bosses.

Environmentally the game is stunningly beautiful. While some areas are more fun to hang out in than others, most of the world that players will see in Sekiro is very well designed and beautiful to look at. Most players will find at least one or two environments in the game that they simply love to play through.

Overall this new game by From Software is brilliantly designed and brings a much needed breath of fresh air into their new games. While Dark Souls combat is slower and more clunky, Sekiro's combat is more agile and clean. For some players this change makes the game harder, and for others they find the game much easier because of these differences.

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