Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice cheats, tricks, and hints

This page is an ongoing list of cheats for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that will be updated as new cheats, tricks, and other goodies come known to the public. There are more than just Sekiro cheats, there are also good farming techniques, combat tricks, bugs, and exploits too.

Sekiro Cheats:

  • Grapple hook dropping to kill most mini-bosses
    • Most mini-bosses can be easily killed with the grapple hook. Bring the mini-boss near a high ground that you can grapple to. Then grapple up, wait until it stops attacking, or wait until it starts a ranged attack, and then drop behind it while swinging at it on the way down. Land, swing one more time, dodge away from the enemy, and then grapple back up to the high ground and repeat until the mini-boss is dead. It also helps to jump before the grapple as it reduces the amount of time it takes to go back up to the high ground.
  • Alternate first boss fight cutscene
    • When you first fight genichiro, if you manage to beat him the game will give you an alternate cutscene with the same end result.

For now, the above cheats, tricks, and hints are the only Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice cheats.


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