Stardew Valley hill-top farm map type

The Hill-top farm is the most interesting of the five Stardew Valley farm map types. There are some interesting benefits of choosing this map type in Stardew Valley. The biggest benefit is that there's a spot to the bottom left of the farm with a renewable source of copper and geodes. Hands down that is the largest benefit of this map.

Collecting massive amounts of copper and iron is extremely tedious in the mines. With this map players can collect some copper every day. With enough mining skill the copper can even be transmuted into iron at a 3 copper to 1 iron ratio. This is a great farm map for miners and people wanting to use the resources collected from mining.

The other obvious benefit is that this is the only farm type with a river running through it. So in a certain way this is a decent map for fishing as well.

The last benefit is that this farm map is visually interesting. It's the only farm type with hills, as opposed to being completely flat like the rest. This is one of the most beautiful of the maps in that specific sense.

Youtube walkthrough of the hill-top farm

There are some stark disadvantages to this farm map however. The most obvious disadvantage is that there isn't much farm land to use for crops and animals. This farm has the second least farming land, next to the riverland farm.

The other disadvantage to choosing the hill-top farm map type is that it's one of the most difficult to start off on. It takes a lot of cleaning up to be able to move freely through the tight paths. On top of that, two of the bridges are blocked from the beginning. One bridge is blocked by a large rock, which requires a higher level pickaxe to break. Another bridge is blocked by a tree stump, which requires a higher level axe to chop out of the way.

Advantages and disadvantages aside, the Stardew Valley hill-top farm is a very interesting choice. It's great for collecting mining resources, it's got a certain beauty to it, and it's the only farm with a river flowing through it. Overall the hill-top farm has its unique qualities which make it a great choice for some of the players of Stardew Valley.