Warpath game / app Buildings

In Warpath, buildings are the most important part of the game. Leveling up buildings is the only way to increase your commander level and therefor progress through the game. Because of this, the whole game revolves around getting building materials so that you can upgrade or extend more buildings so you can level up.

Emergency Command

This building is the most important part of your base in Warpath. The emergency command is your headquarters and your whole base revolves around it. Upgrading this building will give you airdrops. These airdrops do not regenerate, you only get them from leveling up emergency command. Upgrading your command center will tend to give you a lot of commander experience.

Research Center

The research center is very important in Warpath. This is where you increase your technology. Researching tech allows you to have more convoys, higher level units, and so on. Most tech requires higher and higher levels of research centers. So in order to get to the late game technology you're going to have to upgrade and extend your research center quite a few times.


The airport is a vital Warpath building. Leveling this building up allows you to have more scouting planes. These planes are used to explore the mist, and without them you would never be able to see the rest of the map. That's generally all this building does, but getting 2 or 3 scout planes early on will pay off later by allowing you to get started quicker with exploring the map.

Engineering Center

The engineering center is the most important building in Warpath. Here you can steadily produce building materials, this is the best place to get more building materials in Warpath. Good management of this building allows players to increase their commander level much faster. It's generally best to build wood and bricks while you're active and then queue up concrete or higher materials when you're going to stop playing for a few hours. Upgrading this building decreases the amount of time it takes to produce building materials and increases the number of workshops, allowing you to produce more materials at once.


This is also tied for the most important buildings. Without these you couldn't play the game. This is where you recruit your army. You can have five barracks at higher levels. These can be upgraded and extended. Every time you extend the barracks it increases the number of soldiers that fit into each unit, thus increasing their stats. Extending the barracks is a great way to upgrade the strength of your armies.