Warpath game / app Cheats list

There aren't really any super cheats in Warpath like you would find in single player games, but there are some minor cheats you can take advantage of to get an edge on your enemies and to surpass your allies. Most of the warpath cheats revolve around how to min max things, all the ways to get free gold in warpath, things to do to get stronger by playing all day, and so on.

Warpath cheats:

How to scout the mist faster in Warpath

When you're sending out scout planes in Warpath to explore the mist, if you send them out immediately after they complete their mission then they don't have to fly back to base and will go to the nearest mist instead. Later on this will save you 5, 10, 20, or more minutes per mist scout. If you're active all day you'll scout significantly more mist by paying attention and sending the scout planes imediately after they finish each scouting.

How to defeat level 1 Raven bunkers when you're low level

If you're still commander level 10 through 15 and you can't beat a Raven bunker, there's a Warpath cheat you can use for this. It's a pretty simple trick, but it can secure these raven bunkers. Spend all your experience to get one strong infantry unit, preferably level 40 if possible. Then have all your other units as artillery that do siege damage, and tanks that do siege damage if you don't have enough 4 or 5 star artillery units. Make sure the artillery and tanks are also as high of level as you can manage.

Next move up to the raven bunker and put the infantry right next to the bunker and have them setup their fortification mode to increase their defense. Have your tanks sit back at max range. Once you're all setup start attacking the raven bunker.

Here's the important part. DO NOT attack the troops that come out of the bunker. Attack the bunker until it's dead and then if any of your troops are still alive, run them away afterwards. If you have enough strength you should be able to take down the bunker before losing all your troops, especially if your infantry unit is strong enough. Your reward should be on the ground now to collect for 30 energy, even if all your troops died afterwards.

Here's our YouTube guide showing how to do defeat a level 1 Raven bunker: