Gacha Club water units: Blueberry Pielot

Blueberry Pielot is a very food-related water type unit in Gacha Club. This unit looks like some kind of joke related to food and blueberry pies. His name literally has blueberry in it, and there's a blueberry in his picture. He also is holding a gigantic fork that has wings on it, probably related to why is last name is pielot, it sounds like a pun between pie and pilot. This unit's name is all around a meme on blueberry pie, pilot, and food.

Blueberry Pielot is a high HP unit with low attack and low defense. He's an unusual character but when it comes to his stats and skills, he's a pretty generic Gacha Club Unit.

Overall Stats for Blueberry Pielot

Attack: Low

Defense: Low

HP: High

Active Skill: DEF- Strike

Passive Skill: Team Crit Rate+

Type: Water

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