Get bits fast in Gacha Club with this mini game on hard mode

We've made a quick Gacha Club guide to explain to you the fastest way to get bits in Gacha Club. If you have more fun playing the other games, that's fine, the best way to earn bits is to play mini games that are actually fun; however, if you don't find any of the mini games in Gacha Club to be fun at all and you just want to unlock and level up all the exchange shop units as quickly as possible then keep reading, or listen to the video below.

Mascot Whack, the quickest mini game for earning bits in Gacha Club

So the quick answer on how to get bits fast is mascot whack on hard difficulty. The reason for this is because if you can actually play it decently well then it gives bits and gems at a much faster rate than the other mini games.

What happens is once you get going on hard difficulty in mascot whack, the targets you're trying to whack pop up unbelievably fast and in high amounts. If you can manage to keep up for a while you can rack up hundreds of points per minute. You can easily earn a thousand bits per minute in Gacha Club with mascot whack on hard difficulty once you get good at it.

All the other mini games in Gacha Club are limited by time. Even if you play them perfectly, the amount of time it takes to collect points is much much slower than mascot whack. Even if you get more bits per point in the other games, the points are obtained so much slower that even with that in mind it is still faster to play mascot whack. Not only is it faster, even with the conversion ratios mascot whack is much much faster than the others for obtaining bits in Gacha Club.

How to play Mascot Whack?

It might seem intuitive but just to make sure, in mascot whack you whack the main characters of the story mode by tapping on them when they pop up. Yellow ducks also pop up and you do not tap those. If you tap the yellow ducks you lose a life. Also if you fail to tap one of the main characters when they pop up you also lose a life. Once you lose 5 lives the game is over.

Some tips and tricks for mascot whack in Gacha Club include: try to pay attention to which characters popped up in which order. If you're falling behind and trying to catch up you want to start with the ones that are the closest to going away and taking your life away with them. Another important tip is to stay calm. Even when you're starting to get overwhelmed with how fast the main heroes are popping up remember that you have multiple lives. Try to get them as fast as you can but it doesn't help to panic, stay focused and keep at it until you lose.

That's all for our Gacha Club bit farming guide. Now you know the fastest way to farm bits in Gacha Club.