Deserted Minecraft island seed with mountains, ocean ruins treasure map buried treasure heart of the sea 1.15.2

Here's a rediculous Minecraft survival island seed. There's really no way to live here, but there is an ocean ruins nearby that has a buried treasure map and the buried treasure is right near this island. This Minecraft seed is impossible to live on without escaping to get wood. There's a mountain island next to a swamp island nearby however. It's a really interesting 1.15.2 Minecraft island seed to play Minecraft with.

The seed is: 6768049155795300666

The coordinates of the ocean ruins are x-3 by z-175. The buried treasure is at x-22 by z-262. This place is really cool but there's no wood. There are not a lot of fun games to play here without trees. The ocean ruins have some wheat and coal and the buried treasure has some fish, but surviving here without wood seems like it can't go on forever. There's not anything buried immediately under the island, so chances are you'll have to swim over the ocean to the mountain island instead. The mountain island is huge and pretty awesome so check it out too, it's a good place to play Minecraft.