Minecraft village by mountains seed near flower forest and lots of caves 1.15.2

In this diverse Minecraft seed players start near a swamp with a village nearby that's tucked up against the mountains. Be careful of the random hole in the middle of the village, you could easily go down from fall damage if you fall in. This place is great, it's a pretty nice 1.15.2 Minecraft village seed. There's also a flower forest nearby with beehives in it. 

The seed is: 3235226326053450711

There's quite a bit to work with here and a lot of fun games to play in this Minecraft 1.15.2 seed. This place has so many different unique biomes to explore all from the center vantage point of the mountain village. It's such a wonderful Minecraft seed with a lot of different places to branch out to, it's sort of a crossroads of biomes. Playing Minecraft here could be quite the adventure for a lot of people. It's a really cool Minecraft seed.