Minecraft 1.15.2 survival islands with a lake in deep ocean

Here's another awesome Minecraft 1.15.2 survival island seed. In this Minecraft seed players start on a bountiful island seed with pletny of trees and a private lake. There's a buried treasure somewhere beneath this island.

The seed is: 9141849715524769810

There are a lot of other islands in this Minecraft 1.15.2 seed as well. This is a quaint place to live out a Minceraft island adventure seed from. There is actually a water temple at x330 by z215 which can be seen way off in the distance in the screenshot above.

This is an easy place to survive on, even on hardcore island mode. This is a cool Minecraft seed for islands that lots of adventures can come from. Anyone wanting an excellent Minecraft island seed may have just found a good one for them. It's a good Minecraft seed.