Minecraft Seeds 1.15.2

Here is the list of all the Minecraft seeds 1.15.2 that we have found so far. This list is ongoing and every new seed for 1.15.2 that we add will be added to this list as well.

Minecraft 1.15 brought about beehives and bees as can be seen in the image above. Players can collect honey from beehives. This new feature is fairly uncommon and can be found more frequently in flower forests. The bees actually need to harvest pollen from flowers, which is why they can only spawn near flowers.

Below is the full list of Minecraft 1.15.2 seeds:

All Minecraft 1.15.2 seeds:

Minecraft survival island seeds 1.15.2

We also have a list of Minecraft 1.15.2 island seeds. There are a bunch of good island seeds for Minecraft 1.15.2 on this list. Minecraft islands come in a lot of varieties. There are small 1.15.2 islands, big islands, trees, no trees, shipwrecks, water temples, and more! There are so many choices for islands, consider narrowing down your search to islands only. Below are three examples of awesome 1.15.2 Minecraft island seeds from the list.

If you'd like to narrow this list down to only islands, then check out the full list of Minecraft 1.15.2 survival island seeds.

Minecraft 1.15.2 shipwreck island seed

Here's a good shipwreck island seed from the list. This Minecraft 1.15.2 seed starts players on a long and skinny survival island that has a fully intact shipwreck sticking out of the water right nearby! That's not all, there are ocean ruins nearby, and off in the distance you may just catch a glimpse of another in tact shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. This is a really astounding Minecraft 1.15.2 seed to play with.

Minecraft 1.15.2 jungle island seed by mountains

Here's an interesting Minecraft 1.15.2 survial island seed from the list. Players spawn on one of the two jungle islands from the screenshot above. Just out of view is a mountain biome that players can jump ship to if they choose. This jungle island chain has parrots and some interesting caves. This is a great Minecraft 1.15.2 seed for any player searching for jungle islands that are compatible with the newest version of Minecraft.

Super Easy Minecraft survival island seed 1.15.2

Here's a much more generic Minecraft 1.15.2 survival island seed from the list. It's not very difficult to survive on this island, but it's much more generic than the ones above. Players can find themselves alone with nothing but trees and wheat to work with. This place actually is extremely easy to survive on for players who have the know how. Another great Minecraft 1.15.2 seed for anyone wanting the generic island experience.

These are just a few examples from the full list of 1.15.2 Minecraft island seeds