Minecraft big easy island seed 1.15.2

Easy Minecraft island seed is what this is. Players start on a big Minecraft 1.15.2 island seed. This Minecraft seed has a ton of trees, so it's really easy to survive here. There are a few flowers on this Minecraft 1.15.2 seed as well.

The seed is: -4003509516653028908

There's also a giant mushroom biome over at x440 by z-110. The best part of this seed however is that right at the dead center of this island is a cave entrance which is a perfect mine to start the adventure with when you play Minecraft. There a lot of fun games to play with the mine and creative ways to work with it. The oceans are around here are mostly cold and frozen and this is overall another great place to play Minecraft games.

The Minecraft giant mushroom biome seed

The coordinates of the shipwreck from the picture above are x530 by z-165. This is the giant mushroom biome section from the Minecraft seed listed above. This is connected to a savana actually one gigantic island. There are two villages on this big chunk of island, which makes this a Minecraft village seed as well, in fact, a Minecraft 1.15.2 village seed. This place is quite a swim from the original spawn location, but it's not quite as far as it might seem. Once you get bored of playing Minecraft games on the original survival island seed you can just swim over to the bigger island and find two villages plus the giant mushroom biome. If that doesn't sound like Minecraft classic adventure, nothing does. This 1.15.2 Minecraft island seed is one of the best places to play Minecraft.

Minecraft videos for this seed: