Yakuza: Like a dragon casino location

This Yakuza: Like a Dragon casino guide will show you where to find the secret casino. There's an underground casino in Yakuza: Like a Dragon that lets you play blackjack, poker, and so on. It's located in China Town and you'll need style level 4 to get inside. You can buy style experience at Kinka Pharmacy, one of the shops in Ijincho.

Right next to one of the taxi's in Ijincho there's a bathroom with a man standing in front of it. Also there's a huge crows in front of the bathroom for some reason. If you talk to the man in front while you have style level 4 or higher he'll tell you that you're stylish enough and you passed the test. Then go and walk into the back room of the bathroom and go up to the back wall and it should let you interact with it to enter the casino.

Here is what the casino in Yakuza: Like a Dragon looks like:

yakuza like a dragon casino.jpg

Here is where to find the casino in Yakuza: Like a Dragon:

yakuza like a dragon casino maps.jpg

You can get some unique items in exchange for chips at the casino. You can buy chips if you want to buy the items, or you can buy a few chips and try your hand at gambling to see if you can get more chips. Either way, this will answer any questions about where the casino is in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.