Yakuza: Like a Dragon Nameless Katana locations

There are multiple ways to get the Nameless Katan in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. This weapon can be obtained from Shogi, but chances are you're wondering how to get the Nameless Katana in Yakuza: Like a Dragon without having to play that mini game. This Yakuza: Like a Dragon guide will show you the other places to get this weapon.

The first location is in Izincho. You can get a Nameless Katana from a silver safe. This is a one time find for the Nameless Katana, but if you just need one, this will work. You can find the silver safe Nameless Katana at the following location:

nameless katana location.jpg

yakuza like a dragon nameless katana silver safe.jpg

You have to go up some stairs to get here. The stairs are on the corner and follow the wall of the building. Once up here you can get one Nameless Katana for free.

That is the only other place we've found to get a Nameless Katana. We were hoping it was sold at La Marche, just like the Absolute Shield, but sadly it is not. This is the only other place we know of for you to get a free Nameless Katana in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.