Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Igneo Talus Location and Igneo Talus Guide

The Igneo Talus is a special version of the Stone Talus Boss enemy. The Igneo Talus is naturally molten, which means that to avoid taking damage while climbing or walking on it, the player needs to use a freeze attack like white chuchu jelly or other frost items and weapons. Alternatively, if the player has fire resistance from an elixir or armor set, they can safely walk and climb on the Igneo Talus without using a freeze attack.

To defeat the Stone Talus, you need to hit the crystal on its back, which will knock it down and leave it vulnerable to climbing and attacking. Additionally, you can use the Recall ability on the rocks thrown by the Stone Talus to knock it down and create an opportunity for attack.

Location: Eldin Canyon East of the Bedrock Bistro. Various locations around Death Mountain




Igneo Talus Heart




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