Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Stalnox Location and How to Kill Stalnox

The Stalnox is an undead version of the Hinox. It has similar weak points to the Hinox enemy, but you can't defeat it by just attacking its body. To defeat the Stalnox, you need to shoot its eye when its health drops below a certain point or wait for its eye to become exposed. Once the eye is vulnerable, you must keep attacking it until it has no more health remaining. Once the eye has no health, the Stalnox will be defeated. Homing items such as an Aerocuda Eye attached to an arrow can make the fight easier.

Location: Akkala House of Bones in the depths, through the left eye of the skull in the chasm North of the Akkala Skyview Tower



Stalnox Horn : Always

Large Zonai Crystallized Charge : Common

Hinox Tooth : Always (usually in multiples)


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