Warpath universal coupon and camp coupon guide

This Warpath guide will show you the ways to get universal coupons and camp coupons in Warpath. These coupons are required to open armament chests, which is one of the only way to get new Warpath units.

Getting coupons is difficult, and you won't find yourself getting many, but with this Warpath coupon guide you'll find lots of tips and tricks on how to get more universal coupons in Warpath.

Let's start off with a quick video we made that shows every way to get universal coupons and camp coupons in Warpath:

VIP rewards are the best way to get Warpath coupons

You want to start leveling up your VIP levels are quickly as you can. You should always be trying to get to a higher VIP level because starting at level 4 VIP you get one universal coupon per day if you open your VIP daily rewards chest. At level 7 this turns to 2 universal coupons per day, and at level 9 VIP and above you get 3 camp coupons instead, which are much better than universal coupons.

You can level up VIP by getting your daily VIP experience, spending gold, and buying VIP points in the alliance store.

You can often find Universal Coupons in the black market

Check the black market deals as often as they refresh. You can sometimes find coupons in the black market. These will cost gold, but sometimes if you're really lucky you can buy the coupons with materials instead like oil or war money. On a good day you may get a few universal coupons this way, so check the black market every time it refreshes.

You can buy universal coupons from the alliance store in Warpath

If you're in an alliance then you can buy universal coupons from the alliance store in return for the research points you've earned. To get alliance points you have to contribute to the alliance research. The universal coupons from the alliance store aren't very well priced, you'd probably be better off spending your alliance points on VIP experience in hopes of leveling up VIP for the daily universal coupon rewards.

Camp rank levels give universal coupons

Starting at level 12 you unlock officer missions and camp ranks. Every time you level up your camp rank you get a universal coupon. It's not the best way to get coupons, but it's just another reason why you should always be doing officer missions and increasing your camp rank to get the bonuses from it.

Get more universal coupons from Warpath events

Warpath events are a great way to get more universal coupons. They're not always easy to get, but events are something that happen frequently so over the days, weeks, and months that you play Warpath you can get a lot of coupons by completing events. Be sure to check new events and see if you can do them. Not only do you get coupons sometimes, but you usually get other great rewards like free Warpath gold.

Daily missions are one of the best ways to get free Warpath coupons

Always do enough daily missions to get all your reward boxes when possible. Daily missions not only give you 600 free gold per day, but you can also get 2 free universal coupons every single day from doing your daily missions. Don't skip your dailies, go through and one by one check off daily missions until you get your rewards.

Between daily missions and VIP level 9, you can get 5 free coupons every single day. Then with the other methods outlined in this Warpath coupon guide, you can get new units at a decently fast rate.