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tag: Iconic Weapons (34)

10 January 2021 00:02:45Cyberpunk 2077
Skippy: Iconic Smart Pistol "A smartgun with a unique voice-user Interface. Slightly unpredictable"
9 January 2021 23:57:19Cyberpunk 2077
Overwatch: Iconic Power Sniper Rifle Overwatch is a modified 'SPT32 Grad' sniper rifle featuring an increased reload speed and a custom suppressor. Obtained from Panam at the end of the Side Job "Riders on the Storm".
9 January 2021 23:54:40Cyberpunk 2077
Malorian Arms 3516: Iconic Power Pistol "Custom-made for Johnny Silverhand. The guy had taste."
9 January 2021 23:53:43Cyberpunk 2077
Lizzie: Iconic Tech Pistol "It may look like a toy, but it sure doesn't shoot like one"
9 January 2021 23:52:31Cyberpunk 2077
Kongou: Iconic Power Pistol "The iron packed by Yorinobu Arasaka during his troubled youth. As beautiful as it is deadly"
9 January 2021 23:50:50Cyberpunk 2077
Doom Doom: Iconic Power Revolver "Known for turning enemies into unrecognizable piles of flesh. Warning: Requires extensive clean-up afterwards."
9 January 2021 23:45:36Cyberpunk 2077
Buzzsaw: Iconic Power Submachine Gun "An absolute beast with a nasty bite. Don't get too close"
9 January 2021 23:45:12Cyberpunk 2077
Archangel: Iconic Power Revolver "A piece of art that should never waste away in a display case"