Crucible developers post their first developer update to the PlayCrucible YouTube (May 26th, 2020)

Today a vide was posted to the PlayCrucible YouTube channel where the developers explains the upcoming changes to improve the game. On release Crucible had quite a bit of deficits that the community quickly latched onto and complained about, a lot. The reviews on steam were mixed and the developers are working to address these issues.

The biggest takeaways from the developer updates are:

  • Tutorial will soon me skippable
  • Will redo tutorial videos so they actually explain how to play the game instead of simply offering a high level overview
  • Will be adding an in-game tip system during loading screens to explain more about how to play the game
  • Will be doing more to teach the game to new players but didn't specify
  • Will add toggle-able in match scoreboard
  • Will add surrender feature for teams that are in unwinnable games
  • Will continue to work on performance and optimization
  • Will try to improve the flow of queuing and entering matches
  • Will be improving the UX around the map so it's easier for newer players to navigate it
  • Working to provide better feedback in combat and improve combat in general
  • Will be rushing to add voice chat before text chat is ready since text chat is taking longer to set up
  • Will be improving the ping system
  • Will communicate dates for these changes as soon as they are confident in a date
  • Started the game in "pre-season" so they have time to fix these issues before the first season

Watch the Crucible video below for yourself.

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