Crucible patch notes: May 24th, 2020

On May 24th, 2020 Crucible came out with a new patch. This time around the game devs took aim at fixing two major problems. The first problem that this patch will hopefully fix is the issue of matches cancelling after waiting 2-3 minutes for the 8th player. Matches should take a little longer to connect but now there should be less cancelled matches and hopefully the backfill features works now.

The second fix that this patch will hopefully fix is the problem of Heart of the Hives matches randomly starting with a team of 3 against a team of 5. Other than that the rest of the changes are bug fixes. Below are the full Crucible patch notes quoted directly from a reddit post by iamgrouch, one of the game developers.



  • Increased the time allowed for players to connect to matches as well as the time allowed for players who drop out of queue to be replaced. While some matches may now take longer to load, this change will result in fewer cancelled games.

  • Made an additional change to prevent Heart of the Hives matches starting with a 3 vs. 5 team imbalance.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Bugg's Crop Dust [E] ability to inflict permanent vulnerability.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Summer's Magma Spiral [Q] ability to continuously apply damage to Bugg under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented profile icons from properly displaying in the Pre-Season Battle Pass rewards.

Developer’s note: Right now our focus is on resolving issues with connectivity, latency, and matchmaking as well as improving the success rate of the “backfill” feature which prevents matches from starting with missing players. We’ve made a lot of progress on these fronts over the past few days, but there’s still work to do. We’re preparing another update that will have continue to improve those areas and will also include additional logging that our team can use to better diagnose some of the problems that have been harder to pinpoint. These updates are what we consider to be “hot fixes”— unscheduled releases to address high-priority issues. While we’ve been working on those, we’ve had other team members finalizing our first planned update, which will be a larger set of improvements and bug fixes related to core gameplay and quality of life—we’ll push it out once it’s ready.