Crucible gets a first look reveal video and a release date

Crucible was announced today and finally gets a release date as well. The Crucible release date is set for the 20th of May, 2020. In the first look Crucible video below, we find out more about the game. There will be team based objective game modes, as well as what sounds like a co-op battle royale. 

From the looks of it Crucible will be a game that relies heavily on abilities, as seen from one character doing what looks like a bladestorm attack from World of Warcraft. Obviously most characters have guns, so it's likely we can expect a more generic shooter experience overlayed on top of the ability portion of the combat.

As said in the video, there should apparently be a PvE element mixed into the PvP combat. The real question is how involved this portion of the Crucible combat will be. Will it be like other games have done, where the PvE combat portion is relatively insignificant and mainly used for leveling, buffs, etc. or will it be invasive with mobs attacking at random and coming out of nowhere to interfere in the battles? It has some of us wondering if the PvE portion will be similar to League of Legends but without the camps and lanes and such.

Only time will tell the details of this game, thankfull it's going to be free to play so in 15 days we can all see for ourselves what the Crucible gameplay really has in store for us.