Crucible Hunter - Summer

Crucible essence hunter summer upgrades jpeg.jpg
Graphic compiled by reddit user starsleeps

Summer is one of Crucible's essence hunters. She's dual wields flamethrowers that she built herself. She does a lot of damage at close range but can't do much from longer distances.

This Crucible hunter is really good at getting straight into the team fight and causing chaos, kind of like Tosca. She can use her flamethrowers to fly through the air, knock opponents back, and deal a lot of damage. Her mobility is some of the highest in the game.

Summer is really good a chasing people down. She also has a lot of HP, so she can take risks. The biggest downside to her kit is that her flamethrowers can overheat, during which she's completely vulnerable. Heat management on her flamethrowers is key to performing well with this hunter.

She can really pressure enemies without much risk because of her high HP.