Here are all the Crucible social media links for you to follow

Crucible appeared out of nowhere today with a release date of May 20th, 2020. Today the social media pages for Crucible also appeared out of nowhere. We've put together a list of Crucible social media links, in case you were looking for them too.

First is the facebook page of Crucible which has the handle of playCrucible:

At the time of writing this page had three posts with this one pinned at the top:

Next up is the twitter, which apparently has been around for a while but basically has posted nothing until today. The twitter handle is also PlayCrucible and the URL is

They have a pinned tweet on their twitter right now:

Next up is instagram, yes Crucible has an instagram as well. So far they have one post from may 5th which was 11 hours ago. It's a short teaser video for Crucible and doesn't show any real gameplay, but does show off some of the playable characters. The URL for the instagram is:

Below is the video they posted to the instagram today:

That's all for the generic Crucible social media links. There are also two additional links for those of you who are more invested in gaming which include a twitch channel what hasn't streamed anything yet, and a discord channel you can join.

The twitch channel is:

The discord link is:

If you were looking for the Crucible social media links, well there they all are. Hopefully they'll use them effectively since many game companies fail to do so. Many of us have high hopes for Crucible and we hope you do too.

To keep up with the latest Crucible information follow our Crucible news page.