Easter egg unit in Gacha Club - Shizu the legendary strongest warrior

This page is about Shizu, one of the units in Gacha Club. She's basically an easter egg, she's totally different than all the other units.

In Gacha Club each unit has a base amount of HP, attack, and defense. For Shizu she has none of that, only attack. At level 1 she only has 1hp while other units usually have more than one hundred. In return for this she has the most attack out of any unit in the entire game, and it's not even close. This unit is the definition of a glass cannon. We even made a Gacha Club video to explain more.

Watch the video about Shizu, or scroll to keep reading

If you need a unit to beat difficult battles, Shizu might be the one. She's not good for bosses, but she's perfect for farming waves of normal enemies. Her high attack makes her one of the best units for farming gold and gems in Gacha Club.

If you've ever wanted an all attack unit, Shizu is your girl. She's the perfect attacker for any farming unit composition in Gacha Club.