How to farm enchantement items, gold, and gems FAST in Gacha Club

If you've ever wondered what the fastest way to earn gold gems or enchantment items is in Gacha Club then this is what you want to read. In this Gacha Club guide you'll learn all the best secrets for farming gold, gems, and items. Not all game modes are created equal and there's definitely an optimal strategy to save you time when farming.

We also made a video guide if you'd prefer that. If not, the text continues below the video.

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Enchantment item farming in Gacha Club

We'll start with enchantment items. For this there are a few tricks. If you've just started, do the basic level 10 enchantment items training mode. Do this until your units are higher level. Once you're strong enough, beat the elemental towers.

The boss of the second elemental tower is a tier 3 item enchanement farm. As soon as you're able to beat her on auto repeat, do that for a few hours and then you'll have thousands of the tier 3 enchantment items. Now that you have the hard to get ones you can go to the normal training modes and farm whichever highest level one you can do on auto repeat until you get the tier 1 and 2's in the amounts that you need.

When you're higher level you can simply do shadow training on repeat. It's actually possible to beat the level 120 shadow training on auto repeat, but it's hard.

Shadows of corruption bosses are terrible for farming anything. The main story is also terrible.

That's about all there is to it, that's how you farm item enchantment items in Gacha Club.

Gold farming in Gacha Club

Next up is gold farming. The most basic rule for gold farming is to do the highest level battles that you can do for more gold. At the same time the boss in the second elemental tower actually offers a decent amount of gold if you can beat her fast enough on auto repeat. Otherwise just stick to the highest level training mode you can beat on auto repeat.

Tips for farming gold fast, use MP boosters and all attack skills to wipe out the training modes fast for your level. The training modes are best unless you can manage to farm the level 120 shadow training on auto repeat. Even then the level 100 training modes are probably still the best because of the inconsistency of farming the level 120 shadow training.

Gem farming in Gach Club

Finally we have gem farming. This one is very simple, just beat the highest level training grounds or shadow training mode on auto repeat. The boss in the second elemental tower doesn't drop good gems, only gold, so she's not good for this. To get gems faster, focus on how to beat higher level training modes on auto repeat and how to beat them in as few of actions as possible. Having all attack buff pets is huge for farming.

That's all there is to it. Now you know how to farm gems, gold, and enchantment items fast in Gacha Club.