Gacha Club fast leveling guide for units

We made a unit leveling guide for Gacha Club. If you're wondering the fastest way to level up units in this game, you came to the right place. The best ways are outlined below, or just watch the video if you prefer to see what to do over reading.

Fastest ways to level up in Gacha Club

So the fastest way to level units fast in Gacha Club depends on where you are in the game. If you have just downloaded the game, the fastest way is to do the training mode and collect the enhancement items.

In the units page of the game, there's a button to the left that says "enhance." This allows you to use special items to make units stronger. Simply tap the unit you want to enhance, then tap the enhance button and then use items from the top left box, the enahancement box. These items will give experience to your units immediately, and if you have some of the more rare ones, it will give experience extremely quickly.

In the early game the best place to farm these items is the level 10 version of the enhancement training mode. This will yield a reasonable amount of the rare enhancement items. Once you're reaching around level 60 and have some rarer gachi units from Gachi pulls then it would be faster to redo the 11/10 elemental towers, assuming you're willing to click multiple buttons between each battle.

For the elemental towers, to redo them once you've beaten the first tower, simply click the tower button at the bottom right and select the weaker tower. Then tap one of the elemental bars and do the battle.

The elemental tower battles yield much better gold and gem rewards than the training modes. Also it seems like they might have even better enhancement item rewards. In the late game you're probably just going to repeat some of these same strategies but at higher levels.

That's really all there is too it. That's how to farm XP fast in Gacha Club.