840 Gacha pulls in Gacha Club, including the ticket gacha and gold gacha pulls

In Gacha Club, you can go to the Gacha tab in order to do Gacha pulls. It sounds crazy, but this is how you unlock new units and pets in Gacha Club. There are different pulls for different odds. For example, the water gacha pulls are more likely to give water units. Every pull has a small chance of giving a rare gacha, which would be corrupted type or DJ type. Below is a video of doing 40 gacha pulls on each of the categories at least once.

What did we learn from so many pulls?

We learned that a 1% chance to get a legendary unit doesn't actually feel very rare. Rate up categories seem to only give a few different types of units. The gold gacha pulls give only the items and rarely some tickets. The ticket gacha gives only units and a higher rate of legendaries. The ticket pulls are underwhelming compared to how hard they are to get. That's all for our gacha pull compilation in Gacha Club.