How to play Gacha club, a Quick guide and tutorial

Gacha Club is a surprisingly complex game, especially for newcomers. In this Gacha Club guide we explain how to play the game, along with explaining all the features in the game. If you're wondering how something works in Gacha Club, then you came to the right place.

For starters, here's a video explanation:

If you don't have time for the video, or would rather read, then keep reading.

Gacha Club Home page

The Gacha Club Home page is where you edit your DJ's and characters. Here you can change literally everything about them. Nothing is off limits here.

Characters can be resized, their bodies and their heads seperately. Things can be rotated, hair can be changed in ways you couldn't even imagine. The color of everything can be changed in multiple ways. Eyes can be customized, everything.

Pick a character on the left by tapping on their icon. Then on the right are all the options. Tap which feature you would like to change and then tap through the various options until you find what you would like. You can also tap a feature to see it in a list instead of tapping through them one at a time.

Gacha Club Studio

The Gacha Club Studio is where you can setup your characters and pets with a background to tell a story, or create a good picture. Objects, characters, and pets can all be resized or rotated to make everything come out perfectly.

Once you get the studio set up how you like, you can save it with the save/load button on the left of the screen. Be careful not to accidentally override a save since it's as easy as the tap of a button. There are no warnings before overriding a studio save file in Gacha Club.

There are also options to add chat bubbles above the heads of pets and characters. Also there's a narration option that will let you put a narration on the image to help tell a story.

Gacha Club Units page

The units page is where Gacha Club probably gets the most complex. Here you can change through your units, enhance them, enhance their abilities, and awaken the next level caps for them.

To switch a unit, tap their icon. This will bring up a plus sign on them, tap the plus sign to get to the unit selection screen. Here you can scroll through units and select the one you would like to replace with, or hit the back button at the bottom left to go back without changing.

There are also pets, which provide buffs in battle. Tap the pet icon at the bottom middle and then select the pet you would like to swap out. This will bring up all the pets you have and you can scroll through and pick the one you want. You have 10 pets at a time to help your units in battle.

Each unit has stats. These include HP, attack, and defense. These go up when units level up. Also each of these stats is dependent on the unit. Some units have high HP, while others have low HP and high attack. Each unit stats scale differently.

Finally, when you have a unit selected, it has them highlighted on the left. Below their picture is an "enhance" button. This button brings you to a page where you can upgrade the unit. Doing this costs gold, along with some items that you find from battles. The three categories are enhancement, awakening, and skill enhancement.

Normal enhancement gives your unit experience. Once your unit reaches the maximum level you'll need to collect awakening items in order to awaken the next 10 levels of progression for that unit. Finally the skill enhancement is how you can make your units active and passive skills more powerful. Skills can be upgraded 5 times.

Gacha Club Gacha page

The Gacha page is basically the store. This is where you go to spend the gems and gold you collected in battle and spend them to unlock more pets and units. There are an absurd amount of units in Gacha Club and you can spend your gems to unlock them.

There are different categories of gacha to buy, each with different chances of unlocking different types of units. If you want a light unit, then you buy from the light gacha tab and you'll have a higher chance of unlocking a light unit, as an example. There's also a gold gacha option which uses gold. This is the only gacha that has a chance of giving tickets, which can be used to buy from the ticket gacha tab. The ticket gacha has the highest chance of getting the super rare legendary units.

Even the normal gachas have a chance to get legendary units however, but the chance is small. There's a 1% chance of getting a legendary gacha when buying from any of the normal gachas.

Gacha Club battles

The battles page is where you go to do battles, as well as progress through the main story. There are four options here. Main story is where you go for the story mode of the game. The elemental towers are a place to go where you can fight battles and bosses for more gold and items. The training mode is the best place to collect the specific items you want for enhancements. Finally there's Shadows of Corruption which unlocks upon beating chapter 2 of the main story.

Shadows of Corruption is unbelievably difficult. This mode has a bunch of different bosses for you to fight, each with 250,000 HP and are level 100. This is the end game for the release version of Gacha Club.

The Main story is pretty self explanatory. You won't be able to beat the main story without going to the training mode for a little while to level up. The main story has you fight different groups of enemies with a story unfolding between each series of enemies.

Finally the elemental towers are where you have to beat 10 increasingly difficult battles of element-specific enemies. You can do this in any order but you have to beat each element 10 times before you can unlock the boss fight, which is much harder than the enemy fights.

Gacha Club Mini Games

The final part of Gacha Club is the mini games. This is where you can play fun little mini games to earn bits. These bits can be used to buy exclusive units, which can only be acquired this way. The better you do in the mini game, the more bits you get.

After purchasing a unit in the bits store, you can continute to buy the upgraded versions of them for a discounted price. The price of a unit is 3,000 bits, and the upgrades are 1,000 bits.

The mini games section is a fun place to play a totally different type of game. Some of the mini games are really fun. If you're trying to collect all the max level units however, then it might be a really long grind to get them all from the mini games store.

In conclusion

Gacha Club is a very fun and addicting game with a lot of replayability. There are a lot of long term goals in the game and also a lot of customization. The game is surprisingly complex and can be very overwhelming if you're new to the series. Hopefully this answers all your questions about how to play Gacha Club. If you're still confused, I'd suggest watching the video at the top of the page. It goes into more detail and depth than this article does.

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