Shadow Neon in one fight Guide in Gacha Club

If you were ever wondering how to beat Shadow Neon in one fight while playing Gacha Club, you came to the right place. Shadow Neon was the hardest shadows of corruption boss on release. This Gacha Club guide will show you how to win most bosses in one fight on top of beating Shadow Neon.

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The perfect mix of units for Shadow Neon

The trick to beating Shadow Neon in one fight is all about the right units. To beat Shadow Neon you need a some units that you normally would never use. It's important to have MP boosters, one heal strike unit, one ultimate heal unit, and then three units of ultimate debuff. It actually takes 3 units of ultimate debuff to keep Shadow Neons attack from getting out of hand.

The MP boosters and ultimate debuff need to be used as soon as they come back. The heals are different, the heal skills need to be used only when necessary to protect units from getting knocked out.

Another important part of beating Shadow Neon in a single fight is to use units that have high base HP. Every unit in Gacha Club has different stats, and some of them have a lot of HP at the cost of having low attack or defense. When picking your units, all that matters is that they have the right skill and they have a ton of base HP.

Also don't forget to have a party of pets that only give HP. Once you have max level pets with level 100 units that are LB 20, then you can start giving up some HP for attack instead. If you're not at the very end game though then you'll strictly want HP.

Once you're in the battle with Shadow Neon it's the first few rounds of attacks that you should be concerned about. Once you get his critical down far enough then he can't one tap any of your units anymore and from there it's all about MP conservation. If you get through the first few rounds with this mix of units then you're good to go, unless your units are like level 70, in which case you're never quite safe. With enough HP however this mix of units is virtually unbeatable for bosses in general. Shadow Neon just happens to be the hardest boss, if you're fighting the weaker ones you can actually swap out one of the ultimate debuffs for an ultimate buff unit to speed up the fight. The only exception might be Djole who had an absurd amount of crit, you might need to debuff him as quickly as possible to secure the safety of your units.

That's all there is to it! With this strategy you can beat Shadow Neon in a single fight, and from very early on. Someday with enough HP you might even be able to beat him with auto repeat on, but it's questionable for him since he hits for so much damage. Now you can win against Shadow Neon in one fight in Gacha Club.