How to beat level 120 shadow training in Gacha Club on auto repeat

If you ever thought it was impossible to beat level 120 shadow training in Gacha Club on auto repeat then prepare to be amazed. In this Gacha Club guide we'll show you the best way to not only beat the level 120 shadow training, but how to do it on auto repeat so you can just walk away and collect your gold, gems, and tier 3 enchantment items.

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Beating lvl 120 shadow training is complicated

Okay so the first thing you need to know for beating lvl 120 shadow training auto repeat in Gacha Club is a little trick in the game. When using an all strike attack that hits everybody, it does bonus damage for each target it hits. For example, if there are 5 enemies and each one takes 1,000 damage then they'll actually take 5,000 damage even though the number it shows says 1,000. Knowing this is extremely important for beating the level 120 shadow training.

Next you have to setup your units in a specific order. The first unit that attacks needs to have a lot of attack and and some kind of all attack. At the same time this first unit needs to still be weak enough to rarely finish off any of the weaker enemies in the first wave of lvl 120 shadow training in Gacha Club.

Now that everything has been weakened, now you come in with the strongest unit you have with an all strike to finish off the first wave. I strongly suggest Shizu, she's basically an easter egg unit in the game who has literally no HP but a ton of attack, more than double of the next unit in the game. If the first unit is just the right strength, and the second is shizu, then this should finish off the first wave.

Also! Very important to have all damage pets equipped, you don't need or want criticals as getting lucky with crits is actually unlucky with this strat as it can throw off the attacking order and make you lose to the third wave.

Okay now the third unit, this one needs to be your strongest unit you have that has power strike, the single target version. You want the 7x damage it does on your strongest unit that has it. This will make you more likely to finish off the first wave if the king rabbit is still alive, and if it's not, it makes you more likely to finish off the second wave with your fourth and fifth units.

Now for your fourth unit. Just like the first unit, you want this unit to be really strong with an all attack, but not strong enough to knock out the weak rabbits of the second wave. This will ensure you still get the bonus damage for your fifth unit.

As for the fifth unit, it needs to be the second strongest unit you have with an all attack. Whatever you think will hit for the absolute hardest. You need this to be strong enough to knock out the king shadowrabbit when there are three to four weak rabbits still alive. If your units are all right and all strong enough then you should clear wave one and two with just these units.

Finally the sixth and seventh units depend on your DJ level. If you don't have enough MP left at this point then they'll both need MP strike. If you don't have enough MP before this point, then one of the earlier units will need MP strike. If you're too low level it won't be possible at all. Beating level 120 shadow training requires a lot of levels, unit levels, pet levels, and so on. It's very late game to beat this mode on auto repeat.

If your seventh unit doesn't actually have to have MP strike, normally just the sixth one, but they both need the all attacks just like the other units. Also these last two units need to be the strongest ones you have with these skills, probably need to be level 100 just like the others with level 5 skills. If they're strong enough then after they attack there should be just king shadow rabbits left and they'll be very weak. After all your units use their normal attack there should be one or two king rabbits left, after another round just one or none and you'll inevitably win.

Getting a victory against the level 120 shadow training rabbits in Gacha Club on auto repeat however is very difficult. Even with this strategy executed perfectly you'll still lose a few battles periodically because of crits. If you get too many crits on the weaker rabbits it will knock them out and your second or fifth unit won't finish the wave, which will lead to all the units using their attacks without doing max damage since there's only one enemy remaining.

Final notes on level 120 shadow training in Gacha Club

Beating the level 120 Shadow training in gacha Club is already difficult, beating it on auto repeat is even harder. It takes a lot of strategy, planning, and know how to beat this one. It's the toughest challenge in Gacha Club at the time of this writing. If you can beat this one on auto repeat you can beat anything in this game. It's a fun challenge and very rewarding to beat. Not to mention it offers the most gold and gems in the game. You also get all tier 3 enhancement items from being lvl 120 shadow training. If you can win it every time on auto repeat then there's no faster way in the game to farm gold and gems. It's the best gold farming battle in all of Gacha Club.