Cool Minecraft Seeds

This is a big list of all the cool Minecraft seeds. These aren't necessarily the best Minecraft seeds, but to some people they will be the best. This list of Minceraft seeds is dedicated to strange, unusual, weird, exciting, and unique seeds that are just flat out cool and awesome for their own specific reasons.

All of these seeds are the coolest and most unique from the other lists of Minecraft seeds. These lists include the Minecraft village seeds list, Minecraft island seeds, Minecraft jungle seeds, and all the other types of Minecraft seeds on this website. It's important to note that these seeds do not work as Minecraft PE seeds, Minecraft Xbox One seeds, or Minecraft PS4 seeds. To find those seeds, check out their respective sections and lists. These are only Minecraft PC seeds.

The cool Minecraft seeds list contains seeds of all types. From multi-village seeds, to cool mountain seeds, fun islands, and so much more. This awesome list of cool Minecraft seeds will keep die hard Minecraft seed fans busy for hours, and for some, even days. These are some of the coolest Minecraft seeds from all the lists.

All Cool Minecraft Seeds:

Cool seeds by Minecraft versions:

Below we have lists of cool Minecraft seeds by version number. If you want to make sure that the Minecraft seed works with your Minecraft versions then try to find a seed from a list of cool Minecraft seeds closer to your version. Or try going through the pages of seeds above and you'll eventually find older Minecraft seed versions.

Cool Minecraft seeds 1.15.2

Minecraft 1.15.2 has some really cool Minecraft seeds to play Minecraft with. Cool Minecraft seeds are seeds that have a combination of cool features, or some unique style to them. Sometimes it might be a cool combination of biomes, other times it might be a naturally generated structure in some strange location.

Below are three examples from the full list of cool 1.15.2 Minecraft seeds.

Wolf / fox seed for Minecraft with ice spikes and mountains

Here's a really cool Minecraft seed 1.15.2 where players start in a small taiga forest that's packed full of wolves and foxes! It's a pretty scary Minecraft seed but there are a lot of fun games to play. This place brings a whole new game to Minecraft because players can tame wolves here. It's a Minecraft wolf taming seed.

There's also a taiga village which makes a nice base to play from. Out in the plains there are cows, horses, a fissure for resources, and more. The coolest part however of this Minecraft seed is that this whole place is sandwiched between a mountani biome and an ice spike plains biome. What a strange combination of biomes all at your fingertips. This is truly a fun place to play Minecraft.

Smallest Minecraft village seed 1.15.2

This is a really cool Minecraft seed where players spawn in one of the smallest villages of these Minecraft versions. This place is really tiny, and there's a cool flat rock face in the middle of the village. There are only four houses.

The most interesting part of this seed is that one of the roads leads straight down into a cave which makes it look like a villager-dug mineshaft. Players can walk down in there and go mining. It creates the illusion that this is a small mining village out in the mountains. It's a really cool place with a lot of fun games to play.

Cool Minecraft beehive seed 1.15.2

This place is really cool. Players spawn between an awesome mountain biome and a huge flower forest area. The flower forests in this seed have a lot of beehives. If you're looking for the new beehives from 1.15 then this is the perfect Mineraft seed for you. You can find a lot of them. Anyone searching for beehvies will find tis as a perfect place to play games.

These are all three just examples from the big list of cool Minecraft 1.15.2 seeds, check out the full list for way more epic Minecraft seeds.