Nanba - Yakuza: Like a Dragon wiki

Nanba is one of seven playable characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He's a homeless guy from the homeless camp and one of the first people Ichiban meets after getting shot. Nanba is a seemingly disinterested man, who eventually grows to like Ichiban and his friends.

Later on in the game Nanba reveals a hidden agenda of finding his brother. It seems Nanba does everything with a purpose and he's not a carefree homeless guy like he originally acted as.

According to the game profiles:

"Former nurse, now a homeless bum. His full name is Yu Nanba, and his nurse's license was revoked when he was caught making illegal sales of medicine from the hospital where he worked. After Kasuga took a bullet to the chest, Nanba provided life-saving first aid. The experience led to the two of them working odd jobs together."

Nanba's default job is homeless guy. Just like the other male playable characters, he can also take the jobs of breaker, musician, bodyguard, chef, fortuneteller, host, enforcer, and foreman.