Conan Exiles Avatars

In Conan Exiles players can eventually summon player controlled entities called avatars. These colossal summons are generally used to destroy player-made bases. Players can only control these summons for 60 seconds by default, which is generally more than enough time to level an entire enemy base.

The avatar itself is unstoppable, but there is a way to stop it. In order to prematurely defeat an avatar, players must kill the summoner, who stands still while channeling the summon, unable to watch over his own character. There's a giant beam of light coming out of the sky above the summoner, making him very easy to find. Reaction time is extremely valuable if players intend to save their base during an avatar summon.

There are currently three religions in Conan Exiles, with more to come in the future. Each of these religions have their own unique characteristics and their own unique avatars summons.

The followers of Mitra can eventually summon Mitra himself, a colossal statue of a person who can destroy enemy bases by simply walking around and stomping on them.

The followers of Set can eventually summon Set itself, a enormous snake god that can slither over the enemy base and destroy it all.

The followers of Yog can eventually summon Yog, a giant floating monster that can fly up and down, and smash down on specific spots, destroying everything.


Mitra is a colossal stone statue that can move and stomp as an attack. The stomping is unnecessary since walking over things is more than good enough to destroy any building or kill any enemy.

Mitra has a decent walking speed, which allows him to destroy quite a bit in the 60 seconds, provided the summoner doesn't get killed in that time.


Set is an extremely potent summon in Conan Exiles. The strongest advantages to Set is that it can cover a large area of destruction, which makes set the best avatar for killing bases that are very spread out. Any of the avatars can destroy concentrated bases, but Set is great at covering large swaths of land.

Generally 60 seconds is more than enough time to destroy even the most sparse and spread out of bases with Set. Also set is a giant snake, which is really cool in its own way as well.


Yog is hands down the best avatar in the game for destroying bases that are along cliffs. Any base that spreads up and down ledges, rocks, and other terrain is a job for Yog.

Yog is a floating monsters, similar to a squid or an octopus. Any objects that yog floats over will be destroyed. Yog can fly, gaining altitude with the spacebar, and losing altitude with the ctrl key.

Anytime players put their base on multiple layers of mountains and cliffs, yog might be the only avatar who can actually attack. Set and Mitra can't go up ledges the same way that Yog can.

How to summon an avatar in Conan Exiles

Summoning avatars in Conan Exiles is surprisingly easy, but very time consuming. Players must upgrade their respective religious building to tier 3. In order to do this, the player must be level 50.

Players also need to capture a priest for the avatar they want to summon. If players are wanting to summon a yog, they need the tier 3 yog temple, and a priest of yog thrall. For Mitra, a priest of mitra thrall, and so on.

Players also need a massive amount of resources in order to upgrade the temple to each of the tiers. Each upgrade requires hundreds of refined materials, and manifestations of zeal.

In order to get manifestations of zeal, players need to use their respective religious tools (crafted at the temple) on dead humans in-game. Players will get items that they can use to craft other items at their temple. When players craft the temple items, they'll get manifestations of zeal in the process as a side-product.

With all of this, a lot of time, and quite a bit of effort, players can get an item called "true name of (avatar)." Replace avatar with which ever one, for example, true name of yog, or true name of mitra. This item can be carried around by a player. The players can then walk wherever they like in order to summon, and from there the avatar will be summoned, controlled, and do whatever the player wants.

Overall the avatar system is an fun end-game goal for many players. It's also an option that can be disabled on servers, for players who don't like bases being destroyed in one fell swoop. With the countless hours people put into some bases, it's easy to see why. Avatars are a powerful and mighty force in the world of Conan Exiles.

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