Crucible Essence Hunters

There are 10 essence hunters in Crucible. These are the playable chracters you can choose from when playing and of the game modes in Crucible. Each of these hunters has their own unique abilities and cooldown timers, with different skill trees, different strengths, and different weaknesses.

There may be more Crucible hunters in the future and that happens we'll add them in as well.

Essence Hunters overview:

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Captain Mendoza

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Rahi & Brother

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Ajonah crucible essence hunter.jpg

Ajonah is a raider from the planet Orason. She's a deadly sniper class who can deal immense damage from close or long range. She has a grappling hook for mobility that lets her swing from high terrain to escape combat or engage enemies. Her primary weapon is the harpoon gun which is either hitscan, or a very fast projectile.

Her harpoon gun deals immense amounts of damage and can be fired while aimed down sights for extra damage and accuracy. She also has squid mines which she can throw at her enemies. These mines track and follow enemies, exploding on impact for damage and a slow effect. These mines are an exceptionally good distraction while Ajonah fires at enemies with her harpoon gun. Lastly she has a jamming shroud which creates a big spherical shroud that Ajonah and her allies can hide inside, masking their location and giving them a cloak.

This Crucible essence hunter is a glass cannon DPS character. She has relatively low health, but she does immense amounts of damage. If she can stay alive in an engagement, she can deal inordinate amounts of damage to her enemies.

See the Ajonah essence hunter page for more details about Ajonah.


Botani Mark One unit Bugg crucible essence hunters big waving.jpg

Bugg is a terraforming robot designed to harvest essence. He plants seed pods, and waters them, which grows them into dangerous electrical turrets. His sprayer is a projectile that travels in an arc and deals damage to enemies and waters seed pods. He Also has a powerful shield charge ability that grants a lot of shield to himself, nearby allies, and nearby plants. He also has the ability to Crop Dust, which drops poison pellets behind him that spray out poisons, slowing and damage enemies that pass through them. Lastly he has a thruster ability that alows him to fly foward in a line, reaching high ground areas and getting new angles of attack on enemies.

This Crucible essence hunter tends to be more of a supportive character who plays best with allies nearby. He excels at locking down areas and controling objectives. This character is all about utility, control, and healing/shielding.

See the Bugg essence hunter page for more details about Bugg.

Captain Mendoza:

Crucible essence hunter Captain Mendoza.jpg

Captain Mendoza is a veteran soldier. He's the most veteran of all the veterans actually. He uses a pulse rifle and his legs to take down his enemies. He can sprint as much as he wants all over the map and has some pretty soldier-like gear.

This hunter can throw flash bangs, sprint, and put down portable cover that even comes with a health pack. He's a very consistent DPS with good damage output and a good ability to position himself wherever he wants. He can traverse the map very quickly since he doesn't have to wait for mobility cooldowns.

Captain Mendoza is one of the easier hunters to learn and he's a very reliable DPS to add to the roster. Simple, sweet, and to the point, a veteran soldier with a pulse rifle.

See the Captain Mendoza essence hunter page for more details about Captain Mendoza.


Crucible essence hunters Drakahl.jpg

Drakahl is a aggressive alien tank hunter. He wields and axe, and he's not afraid to use it. He does all his damage with the axe and the only ranged attack he has is a sonic pulse he release from his axe. This hunter excels at melee and is terrifying when he finally reaches his target.

This essence hunter also has a ton of mobility. There aren't many hunters who can escape his grasp. He'll happily chase anyone down to the ends of the Crucible. He has a very high DPS when he actually gets in range and has a gigantic stun attack where he slams the ground and stuns everyone around the impact.

If Drakahl is struggling to catch a target he can hook them in with a chain and pull them to him, which is devastating for those caught in his grasp.

See the Drakahl essence hunter page for more details about Drakahl.


Crucible essence hunter earl.jpg

Earl a big alien dude with a gatling gun. He supresses enemies with a hail of bullets. He can also jet around using his gatling gun as a rocket thruster. On top of that he can knock people back with a burst of air from the gun, and he can shot a sudden burst of high damage to catch people off guard.

This essence hunter has super high HP. He's one of those tanks that's always there, putting consistent DPS into the enemy while soaking up large amounts of damage. He's a nice addition to any teamfight. On top of that he's decent for chasing down enemies without much risk to himself because of his HP pool.

Earl is definitely a tank. He does well in teamfights but he's also free to do as he pleases because of his high health. His hitbox is massive however, so be careful not to get overwhelmed.

See the Earl essence hunter page for more details about Earl.

Rahi & Brother:

Crucible essence hunters Rahi and Brother.jpg

Rahi and Brother are a powerful defense duo. Rahi is the tankiest hunter in all of Crucible. He can jump super high and has shields that can regenerate in a variety of ways. He can go completely invulnerable for a short period of time while regenerating shields as well, but he can't attack back while in that state.

This essence hunter has a ton of HP, and if you count in his shields he gets during a fight, definitely the highest HP in the game. He's an excellent meatshield and can soak up massive amounts of damage.

His robot companion, Brother, can scout out ahead. Rahi can teleport to Brother, which makes for excellent escapes. Rahi can hide Brother somewhere safe and teleport to him when in danger, making him that much harder to take down.

See the Rahi & Brother essence hunter page for more details about Rahi & Brother.


Crucible essence hunters Sazan.jpg

Sazan is a battle hardened warrior. She uses an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a throwing knife. Her mobility is immense with her dash ability and she reloads by swapping weapons. She can deal a massive amount of damage and can easily get in and out of engagements very quickly.

This essence hunter has a fair amount of HP, but her dash ability is one of the most powerful movement skills in the game. She can use it often and very effectively in combat to throw off enemies aim. She can even get a perk that makes her deal damage while dashing through enemies, which she can use while confusing them by going behind their backs.

Her shotgun deals massive damage at close range, and if she can land the throwing knife it puts a powerful damage over time on her enemies. One has to be slightly crazy to go toe to toe with this hunter.

See the Sazan essence hunter page for more details about Sazan.


shakirri crucible essence hunter.jpg

Shakirri is a big shot back on her homeworld. This cocky sword wielding hunter forces enemies into close combat with her force dome and mows them down with her sword. She also comes armed with a pistol that deals an effective amount of damage as well.

When Shakirri's in troubule she can use her holo-shield, which deflects all projectiles back at the enemies. It takes a lot of moxy and talen to use this hunter effectively. She requires a combination of aim, reactions, and positioning to work right. She works well with the team and is an excellent addition to any big team fight.

This Crucible essence hunter tends to be a supportive teamfight assassin and utility character. She also could double as a improvised tank. She has a low HP pool considering she fights in melee, but she makes up for it with all the utility she brings between her shield and force dome.

See the Shakirri essence hunter page for more details about Shakirri.


Crucible essence hunter Summer.jpg

Summer is a tanky hunter who dual wields homemade flamethrowers. She can fly around with them, knock people back, spin flames below her and more. She's one of the most mobile tank hunters in all of Crucible. The only drawback is her flamethrowers can overheat, leaving her vulnerable for a time.

This hunter is a really good distraction with very low risk because of her high health pool. She can use her flamethrowers to engage, deal damage, and disengage with a knockback if she wishes. She can really make a mockery of team fights with her high mobility and flames.

Summer is a high mobility tank. She doesn't really have any way to lock people down, but she can knock them back. She has to get close range to do anything, which is made up for with her high mobility. She can really do a lot for a team if played correctly.

See the Summer essence hunter page for more details about Summer.


Tosca crucible hunter.jpg

Tosca is an evil mad scientist. She's probably chaotic evil and excels and creating chaos while taking advantage of it. She has an acid shotgun, smoke screen, can teleport through walls, and more. She's really mobile and is good at keeping the enemies distracted and busy.

This hunter can really do a lot in a big fight. She can blink around with her teleport to keep enemies distracted. If she finds herself in trouble she can drop a smoke screen in close quarters to block vision. On top of that Tosca has a pair of xray goggles she can use so the smokescreen doesn't bog her down like everyone else.

This essence hunter tends to be a fast paced, low HP DPS. She has very low HP, but has excellent mobility and is extremely good at finishing off low HP targets as well as grabbing peoples attention. She has the power to really pull her own weight in a fight, which in a way isn't difficult because she's so small.

See the Tosca essence hunter page for more details about Tosca.