Crucible Hunter - Drakahl

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Graphic compiled by reddit user starsleeps

Drakahl is one of Crucible's essence hunters. He almost exclusively deals close combat damage with his axe. Drakahl has high mobility, high damage, at the cost of being melee only.

This Crucible hunter is unbelievably good at soaking up damage while dealing damage and being a nuisance to the enemy team. He has a tremendous amount of mobility and is very tanky. He can hook people and pull them to him if he can land the shot. This tank is one of the best at controling a fight and causing a distraction while his team capitalizes on it.

He also has a powerful spin attack which is great for damaging objectives, like the hives. Not only that but he has a redicuous slam attack that stuns enemies in a massive area where he lands. This hunter is truly intimidating once it becomes apparent how dangerous he is. Other hunters will quicky learn to fear him once they've gotten to fight Drakahl a few times, he can truly be a melee powerhouse.


Drakahl is a tank DPS hyrbid character essence hunter. He's meant to go in head first and hunt down enemies with his axe. He has massive mobility and can easily stay latched to someone, beating them down. He also has a chain where he can stun and pull people back to him when they escape. He has to be careful to not fight multiple people at once, or else he'll get mowed down pretty fast.

Drakahl's hunter stats

Drakahl has a lot of HP, good movement speed, and wonderful mobility. He's an excellent distraction and also a great DPS at the right times.

Base Health:


Base Movement Speed:

6 meters per second