Crucible Hunter - Earl

crucible essence hunter earl upgrades JPEG.jpg
Graphic compiled by reddit user Starsleeps

Earl is one of Crucible's essence hunters. He wields a gigantic gatling gun that can shoot flames out the back, moving Earl around as fast as a car. This hunter also has a tremendous amount of HP.

Earl is a very consistent tank who can supress enemies from a distance and keep the pressure on. His gigantic hitbox makes him vulnerable to enemy fire, but his massive HP pool makes up for it. If he's low on health he can drink a health potion and his gun can shoot out air, knocking enemies back.

This Crucible hunter works well with the team. He can chase people down, he can keep the pressure on, and take a lot of risks because of his health pool. Earl's one of those tanks that's always there, constantly fighting and constantly soaking up damage. He keeps enemies busy and is excellent at eating bullets while picking up objectives. If you want a consistent tank presence, Earl is the guy for the job.