Crucible Hunter - Rahi and Brother

Crucible essence hunters Rahi and Brother upgrades JPEG.jpg
Graphic compiled by reddit user Starsleeps

Rahi and Brother are Crucible essence hunters. Rahi is the man and Brother is the robot. He is a very tanky shield-heavy hunter with a lot of vertical mobility.

This Crucible hunter has a very strong defense. In the right hands, taking down Rahi is like taking down a raid boss. He has massive amounts of shields and regenerates shields in a variety of ways.

He has a laser beam as his primary attack and has a stasis-like ability that regenerates his shields. During the stasis he cannot take damage at all.

Brother is the robot and can scout out ahead for enemies. Rahi can also teleport to Brother, which makes him that much harder to kill. He can hide Brother somewhere safe and then teleport to him when he's in trouble.

Fighting Rahi is truly like fighting a tank. This guy is hard to kill and he has a lot of tools to buff his allies and defend against his enemies.