Crucible Hunter - Shakirri

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Graphic compiled by reddit user starsleeps

Shakirri is one of Crucible's essence hunters. This hunter is meant for close combat. She wields a swordpistol. She excels at traping enemies in close quarters and beating them up with her sword.

This Crucible hunter is very good at locking people down in a team fight. She sometimes struggles to get close to the targets she wants, but in the confusion of a big fight she can more easily catch a low health target in her force dome.

When Shakirri is in trouble she can use her holo-shield to protect herself, reflecting all attacks at her target. The tools she has makes her an excellent warrior in close combat engagements.

It's important to play this character cautiously, as she doesn't have much HP. If she gets caught out without her abilities she can easily be taken down by ranged characters. This essence hunter requires a lot of cooldown awareness and positioning to play to the fullest.


Shakirri is an agile melee hunter. She's meant to come in quickly and make clean kills, disrupting the battle and splitting people off from their team with her force dome. If she gets caught in an awkard position she can use her holo-shield to reflect damage away, and if she times it well she may even be able to secure a kill or turn the tide of a battle with the reflection damage. If Shakirri's on the field, the enemy team has to be careful not to get too close to her, or they might wind up trapped in a force dome of death.

Shakirri's hunter stats

Shakirri is a medium health melee hunter. She has a pistol, but it doesn't do much damage. Her health isn't very high, so positioning is key.

Base Health:


Base Movement Speed:

4.5 meters per second?


Shakirri's abilities:

Shakirri has some peculiar abilities. Her abilities focus more on locking targets down than anything else. Her gameplay pivots around her force dome, which is her game changing ability. Without force dome she can struggle to deal effective damage to enemies. Her holo-shield is an excellent way to stay alive when being forced into bad positions because of her need for melee range. She may even be able to get kills with a well timed holo-shield since it reflects all damage.


Shakirri's pistol is her standard weapon. It's not very powerful, but with headshots could prove to be formidable. It's a way for her to deal damage without having to be forced into melee range constantly.

Damage: 100
Fire Rate: 3 per second
Magazine Size: Unknown, energy based
Reload Time: Unknown
Critical Hit Multiplier: Unknown





Shakirri's sword is her secondary weapon. She can swing the sword hitting targets in front of her. She swaps between the pistol and the sword.

Damage: 100
Attack Speed: Unknown, maybe 4 per second?
Range: Unknown, maybe 3 meters?





Shakirri's holo-shield is a powerful energy shield that reflects all projectiles back at the enemy. This skill has a limited duration, so use it wisely.

Duration: 1.5 seconds?
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Effects: Shakirri uses a holo-shield. All projectiles that hit the shield are reflected back at the enemy.




Force Dome

Shakirri's force dome is her most formidable ability. She places down a force dome that enemies cannot pass through. This dome allows her to trap enemies in melee range where she can beat them down with her sword.

Duration: Unknown
Health: Unknown
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Radius: 3 meters?
Effects: Shakirri places a force dome that traps enemies, allies pass through the dome? The dome has health and can be broken by enemy gun fire.




Disrupting Strike

Shakirri lunges forward and does a sweeping attack with her sword. She can use this to cover a little bit of distance, as well as easily hitting her target.

Damage: 150
Range: 3 meters??
Cooldown: 15 seconds



Shakirri is a very tactical character to play. She doesn't have enough HP to back up her melee-centric combat style, so instead she would be wise to play with the team. If she can catch people off guard with her force dome then she can easily win a fight. Her pistol and sword don't deal an insane amount of damage, but they do however deal an acceptable amount. With headshots her pistol can be a formidable weapon.

Another useful way to play as Shakirri is to force dome someone off in a team fight. During big team fights players have to get close, even if it means risking getting caught in a force dome. During a teamfight Shakirri can look to force dome off a valuable target, or maybe even two enemies at once. A simple action like this can be game changing.

Using the holo-shield is also another great way to deal damage. When Shakirri feels she's about to get blasted by a ton of damage she can pop up her holo-shield and reflect it back at someone, potentially taking them down. Also if she's able to maintain melee range, her sword can do a decent bit of damage per second.

Generally Shakirri's positioning is difficult at times. She can't always fight head on for lack of HP and damage, but she also can't hang back and shoot because she needs to get into melee range to get the full effectiveness out of her kit.

Essence Upgrades

Shakirri has some interesting upgrades in her skill tree. She can increase the effectiveness of her pistol, sword, or get utility perks. It's easy to tailor Shakirri to an individual play style as players can choose to focus on ranged attacking, melee attacking, or utility / playing with the team.



Level Essence for Next Level Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3
Level 1 1800 Extended Lunge Starlock Capacitor Noble Shield
Level 2 3200 Empowered Deflect    
Level 3 4400? Synergistic Blade Freezelock Pistol Healthy Gambit
Level 4 6200? Force Dome Overcharge    
Level 5   Strike to the Heart Restorative Dome  



Level 1 upgrades:

Extended Lunge: The attack range of the sword is increased by 25%.
Starlock Capacitor: Maximum pistol energy increases from 6 shots to 8.
Noble Shield: The holo-shield is now wider, making it easier to block attacks.


Level 2 upgrades:

Empowered Deflect: All deflected shots now deal an additional 50% damage.


Level 3 upgrades:

Synergistic Blade: The sword now deals an additional 3% damage for every remaining shot of the pistol.
Freezelock Pistol: Shots from the pistol now slow enemies by 10% for 1.5 seconds, this effect stacks up to 3 times for a maximum of 30% slow.
Healthy Gambit: Abilities recharge 15% faster if Shakirri is above 70% health.


Level 4 upgrades:

Force Dome Overcharge: The health and the duration of Shakirri's force dome is increased by 50%


Level 5 upgrades:

Strike to the Heart: Disrupting Strike now deals a damage over time effect of 1600 damage over 3 minutes.
Restorative Dome: Shakirri and her allies now receive healing when within the force dome.