Minecraft peninsula village seed 1.15.2 taiga mountain

This is a pretty good Minecraft 1.15.2 seed where players spawn on a peninsula with a village and one small mountain. This is a cool Minecraft seed. This place has tons of caves, and a really strange fissure that has a lot of roof over it. The mountain really adds a lot of value to this place because it gives a lot of potential to build off of when improving this town.

The seed is: 7641649527326986753

There's also a forest if you follow the land towards the continent. The oceans are mostly cold, no warm oceans here. Players can find cats in this village for what it's worth. There's also a strange building, like an inn of sorts that during our testing had a broken door that didn't work correctly. 

There are a lot of caves around this village which is great for any adventurer looking to find quick iron and coal in the beginning. This Minecraft seed is perfect for anyone wanting to play in a taiga village by the ocean. It's definitely a good Minecraft seed.