Stardew Valley forest farm map type

This is the most well balanced farm type from the five Stardew Valley farm map types. Players who pick this seasonal wonderland get a decent amount of farming land, renewable hardwood sources, and the only farm map that has bushes and other seasonal foraging objects.

There are the standard two ponds on this farm for water. There's a decent amount of room for farming, which makes it a good choice for anyone wanting to do some farming. The bonus to this farm type is the foraging. This map perfectly accentuates the foraging profession. It's definitely the most balanced map out of all five maps.

Youtube walkthrough of the forest farm

This is a great map for anyone new to Stardew Valley, and even for veterans who want to start a new farm. While more exciting than the standard farm, this farm type isn't as visually exciting as the riverland farm or the hill-top farm. This map is perfectly inbetween, bringing a good balance of visual beauty, available land, and extra bonuses. There really aren't many disadvantages to this farm map other than it's not an extreme of anything.

Overall this is a wonderful place to start in Stardew Valley. Anyone who hasn't played before should seriously consider this map if they have no preference for the others. The forest farm type is the most well rounded and balanced of the farm maps.